Thursday, August 4, 2011

Christopher Moore & Ian Corson converse about The Griff

Christopher Moore is one of the more entertaining people to spend time with.  He's great in print, but there's nothing like seeing him speak live.  You never know what will come out of his mouth.  I've been a fan of his novels for years, but his latest release is something different.  For a start, it was a collaborative effort, written with screenwriter and director Ian Corson and illustrated by Jennyson Rosero.  That's right, it's illustrated.  It is, in fact, a graphic novel entitled The Griff

I was fortunate to catch Chris and Ian on their limited California tour promoting this book.  This conversation took place at the lovely Booksmith in San Franciso's colorful Haight Ashbury neighborhood.  It was recorded on July 29, 2011, and the video is done with a hand-held flip cam.  It's a limited tool, but I did the best I could.  The video is cut into You Tube-friendly chunks, but I've captured the entire event with the exception of a very slickly managed battery change at one point.

In all, the authors spoke for nearly an hour and ten minutes, and it turned out to be a substantive interview. Below Chris and Ian discuss Hollywood, the publishing industry, working in a new medium, communicating with an artist, the characters of The Griff, Chris's other novels, and more. Watch them squirm in the face of MFA questions! Honestly, I was just supposed to quickly cut and paste this video into my post, but I found myself rewatching every last minute of it.  (There's a distinct possibility that I have no willpower.)  I may have enjoyed this event even more the second time around.

Oh, and if anyone wants to order a copy of this book signed by both authors, I'm pretty confident that The Booksmith will be happy to hook you up.  So, without any further chatter from me, here are Chris and Ian on The Griff...


  1. Thanks Susan for the lovely write up! I tweeted it out and facebook ' d it. Sincerely, Christin @Booksmith

  2. LOL, Christin, I think you have a few more followers than I do. I'm seeing a bit of a traffic spike. Thanks for the publicity--and for consistently hosting awesome author events at the Booksmith.

    It was great seeing you the other night. It's been a while!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. I'm the girl who was taking notes (and then asked Chris to marry me) May I link one of your videos on my blog too?

  4. LOL, I think Chris must have posted something somewhere. I'm seeing a "little" traffic spike.

    Shark, you're welcome. And you're welcome to link to any video, and or the entire post.

    And, Nic, get over it. Wait till you hear how my voice sounds in the video I'm posting on Tuesday. (Hint, it's an interview with David Liss on his novel The Twelfth Enchantment. It was filmed during the NY laryngitis episode.). So, there's that to look forward to.

  5. This absolutely made my morning. Thanks so much!