Monday, August 1, 2011

Boyd Morrison and April Smith in conversation

Readers of this blog have probably noticed by now that I love attending literary events: readings, signings, lectures, etc.  I don't think people realise that going out to hear a favorite (or even an unknown) author speak is a terrific form of free entertainment.  I'm lucky to live in San Francisco.  We get a lot of authors passing through on tour every day of the week.  Some people are not so fortunate.  Their city or town might not host the number of events that mine does.  For that reason, I sometimes record events to share online.

So, it's also not a secret to readers of this blog that Boyd Morrison is a good friend of mine.  I've heard him speak on panels at Thrillerfest (In fact, I've got video of one of those panels to post some slow news day.), but this was the very first time I've had the pleasure of seeing him on book tour.  What was even nicer is that he was joined on this occasion by novelist April Smith.  Their tours joined up for this one evening of July 21, 2011 at M is for Mystery Bookstore in San Mateo, California.  And instead of just talking about their respective books, the two were able to have an engaging conversation.  I had not met April before, and she turned out to be a lovely, down to earth, and very friendly lady!  It was a pleasure to be there live, and I hope you enjoy my amateur video.

One more thing...  If by the end of the video, either has managed to sell you on their book, I can guarantee that M is for Mystery has signed copies that they'll be happy to ship anywhere.  ;-)  Enjoy!

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