Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Today's HUMPDAY GIVEAWAY is delayed for an excellent reason...

So, as you know, most Wednesday's I post a book giveaway on the blog.  I have several shiny hardback copies of a current New York Times bestseller that I'm looking forward to giving away this week--but I'm going to have to beg your patience for a few more days.  The reason is that In One Eye, Out the Other will be participating in a huge, international book giveaway blog hop!

I've never done anything like this before, but it should be fun.  It's being organized by my friend Judith over at Leeswammes's Blog.  (Yeah, I don't really get the name of her blog either, but it might make more sense in Dutch.  She's over in the Netherlands, but writes more eloquently in English than I do!)  You should absolutely check her excellent blog out, and that's the beauty part of this blog hop.  Like 60 or 70 different book blogs aound the world will be participating with giveaways, and I'll link to them all here.  You can jump from post to post and enter as many of the giveaways as you like.  It should be all kinds of fun, with dozens of winners, and best of all, you may discover some awesome new literary blogs along the way.  I know I'm looking forward to checking them all out!

So, this week's giveaway will be posted on Saturday.  Please check back then!  In the meanwhile, please feel free to speculate on which book I'll be giving away...


  1. You only have to ask, Susan! About Leeswammes...
    it doesn't mean a thing in Dutch either.

    But luiwammes means lazy hang about (lui being lazy, wammes doesn't mean anything). Since lees means read, leeswammes suggests a lazy, slouching person reading a book. There you go!

    Have fun with the Hop, Susan. Last time was a great success!