Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Getting Devilish in San Francisco

Oh, I was a little silly yesterday.  My friend James Rollins had a big online party to celebrate the publication of his latest novel, The Devil Colony.  The party, on Twitter (at the hashtag #DevilColony) and Facebook, was called Dance with the Devil, and Jimbo was encouraging people to post all sorts of devilish photos.  Well, myself and a few of the members of my book group had a nice chat about The Devil Colony (reviewed here) last night, and apparently it brought out my true colors--right down to the demonic red eyes!

Only for you, Jimbo...  I hope this gives you a laugh!  See you Friday.  :-)


  1. Love the photos! Especially the second with the big-eyed girl looking over your shoulder.

  2. Thanks, SL. I couldn't resist the crazy eyes. Hers, that is.

  3. I'm sharing this photo with my hubbs and a friend I will try to bring with me next meeting. Cute!

    Also, did I hear you correctly when I walked into the meeting and you were highly praising a book called Horns? (By Joe Hill?)

  4. Hey Sonya,

    Thanks for swinging by! You look great behind my horns.

    And speaking of Horns, you heard right. My review of the book can be seen here:

  5. Oh, and I was talking about Joe Hill and his book, because that's where the devil horns in the photo came from; they were a gift from Joe Hill.