Monday, April 18, 2011

Mailbox Monday: Pulitzer Day Edition!

Hey y'all, sort of getting a late start this week, with all the Pulitzer excitement.  But it's still Monday (barely), and boy did some awesome books come in this past week!

The Devil Colony
by James Rollins
Release date: 6/21/2011
Source: The author


Jake Ransom and the Howling Sphinx
by James Rollins
Release date: 5/3/2011
Source: The author

I know!  An embarassment of riches!  Jimbo rocks, and it's good to be me.  This got an awesome review in Kirkus, BTW.  They said, "Rollins' second Jake Ransom adventure is tighter, more magical and more thrilling than the series opener. Likely to win Jake more fans, this will have adventure seekers of both genders clamoring for volume three."  I'm clamoring already.

Machine Man
by Max Barry
Release date: 8/9/2011
Source:  Electronic galley from publisher

Yeah, I know that cover image sucks, but it's the best I could do.  More importantly:  New novel by Max Barry!  Or newish, at least.  New in this form.  New to me.  And get this, it is being widely reported that an adaptation of this novel will be Darren "Black Swan" Aronofsky's next film.  Very cool!

The Dolphin in the Mirror
by Diana Reiss
Release date: 9/20/2011
Source: Electronic galley from publisher

You know me, I love the sea creatures and the science.

The Invisible Bridge
by Julie Orringer
Release date: 5/4/2010
Source: Aquired in the PBT book swap

Thank you, Care!  I can't believe how festive your package was!  What a treat.  Now, I just have to find the time to read this doorstop of a book.

The Door to Lost Pages
by Claude Lalumiere
Release date: 5/3/2011
Source: Electronic galley from the publisher

The review of this novel in PW caught my eye, and the publisher was kind enough to supply me with a copy. 

I'd Know You Anywhere
by Laura Lippman
Release date: 8/17/2010
Source:  Paper galley from publisher

Megan at HarperCollins was kind enough to send a galley in honor of the novel's trade paper release.  I actualy read the hardback last year.  It was excellent!

Domestic Violets
by Matthew Norman
Release date: 8/9/2011
Source: Electronic galley from publisher

I think I saw this compared to Tom Perotta, or blurbed by Tom Perotta?  It was good enough for me.

by Tina Fey
Release date: 4/5/2011
Source: Purchased with Audible credit

Tina Fey is awesome.  'Nuff said.

Books finished this week:

The Girl in the Garden by Kamala Nair

The Door to Lost Pages by Claude Lalumiere

Long Gone by Alafair Burke

Bossypants by Tina Fey

Currently reading:

The Tragedy of Arthur by Arthur Phillips

The School of Night by Louis Bayard

And what books did you acquire this week?  What are you reading?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. Susan,

    Do me a favor and put a bug in James Rollins's ear about making Salt Lake a stop on his tour for The Devil Colony. Based on the description of the book, I think there will be a lot of curiosity around these parts about this one.

  2. So happy you got The Invisible Bridge! Yes, it is a bit long, but marvelous. Hope you can squeeze it in soon.

  3. Hi Sean,

    Good to see you! I didn't know you occasionally lurked here. As it happens, I will be seeing Jimbo in two weeks, and certainly I can mention your comment to him. If you'd like to take more direct action, go to this page:

    (Sorry, I can't put a link in the comments.) It's a form that gets sent to his publicist for appearance requests. Her direct contact info is there as well. Jimbo also suggests getting a local bookstore to make the request.

    Hi Care,

    Yes, your package came through just fine. Your gift wrapping was delightful. I'm sorry, I can't say I did the same. As for my package to you, it didn't go astray, and I really think it should be in your hands before the week is out. Though, of course, I'm not really sure how much being in Alaska affects things, so it might be a little longer. But very, very soon. :-)