Monday, April 4, 2011

Mailbox Monday: April at last! edition

So, this will shock you...  Lots of books in this week.  Happily, I'm also back on track with my reading.  :-)

The Frozen Sky
by Jeff Carlson
Release date:  1/15/2010
Source:  Purchased via Kindle

Jeff Carlson is awesome.  Who else could get away with an opening sentence like, "They ate Jorgensen first."  Best. First. Sentence. Ever.  (It opens his debut novel Plague Year.)  Never mind the fact that he wrote me in as a character in the sequel and nuked me off the planet.  (Bastard!  Why are authors always doing this to me?)  At 99 cents, this is a bargain.  I can't wait to read.

The Haunting of Sherlock Holmes and Other Tales of Adventure
by Warren Fahy
Release date:  3/16/2011
Source:  Purchased via Kindle

A week without Warren Fahy is a week without sunshine.  True fact.  And as this is another 99 cent bargain, how can I resist? 

Until Tuesday : A Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever Who Saved Him

by Luis Carlos Montalvan
Release date:  5/3/2011
Source:  Paper galley from publisher

That is the cutest dog of all time, but I'm so not reading this book.  It's just not my cup of tea.  This might go over well withsomeone in my book group, which is where I'll give it away--unless there's a rash of comments here asking to make it a Humpday Giveaway.
The Bridge to Never Land
by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson
Release date:  8/9/2011
Source:  Electronic galley from publisher

I've read enough of their Peter and the Starcatchers books to be comfortable (and excited about) reading this latest book that brings the tail into contemporary London.  Fun!

State of Wonder
by Ann Patchett
Release date:  6/7/2011
Source:  Paper galley via Amazon Vine program

I had not heard about this book until it was offered to me through Amazon.  The description sounds fantastic!  Like James Rollins meets... well, Ann Patchett.  I cannot wait to dive in!

Lowcountry Summer
by Dorthea Benton Frank
Release date:  6/15/10
Source:  Trade paperback from publisher

Last week's giveaway.

Crunch Time
by Diane Mott Davidson
Release date:  4/5/2011
Source:  Finished hardback from publisher

Spoiler alert... this week's giveaway.

by Diana Spechler
Release date:  4/26/2011
Source:  Electronic galley from publisher

A book set at a weight loss camp narrated by one of the counselors.  Sounds interesting. 

The Book of Lies
by Mary Horlock
Release date:  7/19/2011
Source:  Electronic galley from publisher

Teen murders on Guernsey, with a tie to the present and a tie to the Nazi occupation.  What's not to like?

Dreams of Joy
by Lisa See
Release date:  5/31/2011
Source:  Paper galley via publisher

The sequel to Shanghai Girls, which I still have to read first.

The Peach Keeper
by Sarah Addison Allen
Release date:  3/29/2011
Source:  Purchased with credit

It was okay, not great.  And I've already posted a review!

Skipped Parts
by Tim Sandlin
Release date:  1/22/1992
Source:  Kindle freebie

I read this novel years ago--which didn't stop me from getting sucked right back in when I foolishly opened it this evening.  I speed read it on one sitting.  If anything, it was better the second time around!  And guess what?  Fifteen years after the GroVont Trilogy ended he's got a new book, Lydia, returning to those beloved characters.  Check my review below.

13 Little Blue Envelopes
by Maureen Johnson
Release date:  8/23/2005
Source:  Kindle freebie

This YA novel got excellent reviews.  I will surely read it at some point when I am dreaming of travel--or actually traveling.

The Bond : Our Kinship with Animals, Our Call to Defend Them

by Wayne Pacelle
Release date:  4/5/2011
Source:  Finished hardback from publisher

Another possible giveaway for book group or here.  Anyone aching for a chance to win this book?  Let me know in the comments.

The Story of a Marriage
by Andrew Sean Greer
Release date: 4/29/2008
Source:  Purchased at Books, Inc.

I started to write the story of how Andy and I became friends, but it's too good of a story to wedge here.  I'll do a blog post this week.  The short version of this acquisition is that the nicely inscribed copy I'd acquired at BEA several years ago never made it back to SF, and I never read this book.  Seeing a lovely hardback copy remaindered at Books, Inc. last night, I had to purchase.  I love an excuse to support my local independent booksellers!  Independent booksellers are the best, and we should all support our local indies!

Books finished this week:

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day by Winifred Watson - I was almost done this one at the beginning of the week.

The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen - It was light and short.

Skipped Parts by Tim Sandlin - This was an unplanned, speed re-read.

Guilt by Association by Marcia Clark - What else did I have to do this weekend?

Currently reading:

The Devil's Plaything by Matt Richtel (e galley - Kindle)

The Tragedy of Arthur by Arthur Phillips (paper galley)

The Ninth Wife by Amy Stolls (paper galley & e galley - Kindle)

So, a bookish week, all in all!  What books have you acquired this week?  What are you reading?  Let me know in the comments!

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