Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mailbox Monday: The Tuesday Edition

Mailbox Monday seemed like such a good idea when I started it.  I always enjoy seeing this sort of post on other people's blogs.  And, I definitely enjoy it when readers take the time to comment.  No, Mailbox Monday is still a good idea, I just have to get back in the habit of adding the books all week as they come in.  Otherwise, it's just a huge job on Monday.  I'll do better!

Original Sin
by Beth McMullen
Release date: 7/12/11
Source: paper galley from publisher

This looks like a cute, light summer read.  I've got a couple of copies, so this is likely a future Humpday Giveaway.

The Soldier's Wife
by Margaret Leroy
Release date: 6/28/2011
Source: paper galley from publisher

A drama, possibly heavier than I want to read.  I think I'll wait to hear more buzz before deciding.  I already gave away a copy this weekend in my face-to-face book club.

Love You More
by Lisa Gardner
Release date: 3/8/2011
Source: finished hardback from the publiscist

I just started reading this.  It's been years and years since I've read a Gardner, so I'm essentially reading this 5th in the series as a stand alone.  So far, it's off to an excellent start.

Secret Daughter
by Shilpi Somaya Gowda
Release date: 4/5/2011
Source: trade paperback from the publisher

This is so not my cup of tea.  Some other reader will really enjoy it.  It's definitely going to be a future blog giveaway.

Crunch Time
by Diane Mott Davidson
Release date: 4/5/2011
Source: finished hardback from publisher

Yes, there were a couple of duplicates this week.  The generosity of HarperCollins knows no bounds.  Perhaps I'll just look over the names from the last giveaway and choose the most enthusiastic commenter?

Lowcountry Summer
by Dorthea Benton Frank
Release date: 6/15/2010
Source: trade paperback from the publisher

Ditto what I said above.

The Secret Lives of Baba Segi's Wives
by Lola Shoneyin
Release date: 6/29/2010
Source: finished hardback from publisher

I vaguely remember when this novel was first published last year.  I'm assuming the publisher sent a copy because the trade paperback is about to be released.  Do you ever want to read a book, just because of the format of it?  This is a petite hardback without a jacket.  It looks just like the photo to the left.  There is something so absolutely inviting about it, that I'm ready to pick it up and read.  Kudos to the designer!

Death by Midnight
by Carolyn Hart
Release date: 3/29/2011
Source: finished hardback from publisher

I've never read Carolyn Hart, have you?  I enjoy a good mystery.  Should I read this?

Come and Find Me
by Hallie Ephron
Release date: 3/22/2011
Source: finished hardback from the publisher

Hallie is the sister of Nora, Delia, and I believe one more writing sister?  In this case,  did read her debut thriller, Never Tell a Lie.  I found it to be a quick, entertaining read, but a mediocre, predictable book.  When I saw she had a new book out, I was certainly willing to consider reading it, but then saw a very unflattering review in PW.  It did not inspire me to pursue the book further.  Now that it's sitting in my hands, I may have to revisit the matter.

Winged Obsession : The Pursuit of the World's Most Notorious Butterfly Smuggler
by Jessica Speart
Release date: 4/5/2011
Source: finished hardback from publisher

This non-fiction book is being compared to The Orchid Thief for obvious reasons.  It sounds quite interesting and the author is attending Thrillerfest.  For all of these reasons, I am hoping to read it in the near future.

Cry of the Phoenix
by J. G.
Release date: unpublished
Source: the author

This image will serve as a spaceholder for this novel in progress, my latest editorial job.  I need to put down the other books and get crackin' on this one! 

The Breach
by Patrick Lee
Release date: 12/29/2009
Source: mass market pb picked up at book group

If Mr. Lee Googles himself and discovers this post, he will be very pleased to learn that I finally accepted a copy of this book because it was highly recommended to me by authors James Rollins and Boyd Morrison independent of each other.  Patrick, chase them down for a blurb!  I could have grabbed a copy of this when it was first published, but the science fictiony premise was somewhat off-putting to me.  We shall see.

by David Hosp
Release date: 7/11/2007
Source: mass market pb picked up at book group

This was another of the thrillers that Maya was sharing the other day.  Thanks, Maya!  I've socialized with David Hosp, but I've never read him.  We have many friends in common, so I expect to see more of him.  Perhaps one of these days I'll check this out. 

There may have been a few other books last week, but who can remember at this point.  I need to wrap this up and begin listing this week's books, LOL.  I can tell you that so far this weeks books are fewer, but they're quite exiting!

Books finished in the past week:

The Two Deaths of Daniel Hayes by Marcus Sakey

Kraken: The Curious, Exciting, and Slightly Disturbing Science of Squid by Wendy Williams  - I also went to hear her speak last week.  She was great!  We had a really lovely discussion afterwards.

Jake Ransom and the Howling Sphinx by James Rollins

Currently reading:

Love You More by Lisa Gardner

So, what books did you acquire in the past week?  What are you reading?  Please let me know in the comments!


  1. I snagged a copy of Winged Obsessiion and can't wait to read it, since I loved the Orchid Thief and have a huge fascination with butterflies and moths. Your book pile is intimidating!

  2. What a long list of books! I haven't read any of them but heard good things about Baba Segi.

    My own new arrivals post is also up today - 7 books in a month - I really succeeded in keeping the numbers down as I have enough good books waiting already. :-)

  3. Judith Ann,
    You make my head hurt. I just counted and in the past month 59 books came to me. In my defense, many of them come unsolicited, there were two major book sales, and a significant percentage were either audiobooks or ebooks that take up no space. Also, I gave away 20-some books, so that helps. Still...

    I will look forward to your review of Winged Obsession. I need to move it up on the TPR pile, err, mountain.

  4. Re: Carolyn Hart. I have to say it's been awhile since I've read one of her books in the Death on Demand series (I could start my own bookstore with all the books I have in my TBR!), but I remember her books being light without being light on substance. Basically, a cozy mystery. I enjoyed them and thought they were well-written. Of course, it has been a few years! LOL!

  5. Thanks, Penny! That's exactly what I needed to know. :-)

  6. good god woman. Your poor mailperson.

  7. Seriously, Nicole. There hasn't been a day this week when books didn't arrive, and I still have two packages to pick up over the weekend.

    My letter carrier is quite aggressive about jamming the book-containing envelopes into my cubbyhole-sized mailbox. The books are wedged in so tight that I can't get them out! I've stood there for 20 minutes trying to wiggle a wedged book out of my mailbox. The excitement never ends out here.

  8. The mail carrier recently brought me the latest Sookie Stackhouse, which I don't remember pre-ordering. Hahahahahaha. Hardcover was cheaper than e-book. Go figure.

    Regarding my book purge, I keep finding books I missed somehow. Gah!