Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Fahy News: Warren Fahy Releases The Kor

Yes, another press release, followed by my comments below:


March 14th, 2011

WARREN FAHY releases his novel THE KOR on Amazon and Barnes & Noble eBooks.

When a kor child spies a comet in the sky he sets a chain of events in motion that will shake the foundations of his people’s entire civilization. As ancient truths are challenged, buried secrets are unearthed that will change the course of his people forever. In this unique tale, acclaimed author Warren Fahy (FRAGMENT) takes readers on a journey through a new world where familiar themes play out on an epic stage and the only thing that can be counted on is that, in this adventure, nothing can be counted on.

In this audacious tale, which defies categorization while blending fantasy, adventure, mystery, dystopia and revolution, Fahy takes readers on a wild ride guaranteed to be like nothing they have encountered before.

“EBooks are the perfect format for this novel,” Fahy says. “It is a unique tale that would have a hard time finding a traditional spot on the shelves of a book store. It is also one of my own personal favorite novels. I’m very happy to have this alternative means of getting it to fans. As PANDEMONIUM, the sequel to FRAGMENT, is under negotiation with publishers, this was the perfect format to put THE KOR out now.”

Warren Fahy is the acclaimed author of FRAGMENT (soon to be a motion picture), his debut novel, which was published in 18 languages by 20 publishers around the world.

THE KOR is available exclusively on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble NOOKbook. If you don’t have a Kindle or NOOK you can read THE KOR on any device. Just download the free Amazon Kindle reading app or the Barnes & Noble NOOKbook app.

Check www.WarrenFahy.com for more information, or contact info@warrenfahy.com


So, wow, it's been all-Fahy, all the time around here lately, huh?  I expect that to change in the near future, once his recent spurt of activity settles down.  His publishing trajectory has been unusual, a little dramatic, and makes for great blog copy.  Plus, info on these recent books has been sparse.  I wanted to know more, so I asked a bunch of questions.  He answered them and I posted the info for others. 

Still, I don't usually shill this much for even my closest friends.  As it happens, Mr. Fahy is a rare thriller novelist that I've never met--never even spoken to--though we have exchanged several friendly emails in the past couple of years.  Basically, what I'm getting at is that I'm just a fan.  He isn't my BFF, and he isn't blackmailing me for publicity.  Just so we're clear.

When I saw this press release last night, I, of course, immediately clicked over and purchased the novel.  I mean, for $1.99, why not?  Right?  Still, I wrote Warren and said, "I'm not really sure this is my cup of tea."  He admitted that he wasn't sure it would be either, so we'll both have to wait and see.  Based on the file size, The Kor looks to be under 300 pages long.  In other words, a simple one-day read.  But I don't have the time right now.  I owe dozens of reviews, and I'm craving literary fiction in a big way after my recent reading diet.  In fact, at your suggestion in my "What should I read next?" polls, I am currently reading The Tiger's Wife and The Weird Sisters, and am enjoying them immensely.  You readers always know best.  ;-)

So, someone read this novel, come back, and give us the scoop in the comments, okay?  I can't wait to hear what you think!

And, Warren, if you visit, please tell us in the comments who does all that terrific diverse artwork that I keep stealing from your website.  It's fabulous!

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