Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Book Club: A web series for bibliophiles

Today I received an email from an actor named Noah Longo.  That's him pictured above.  He wrote:
Hello, Fellow Book Lover!

I attained your email from

My name is Noah Longo and I'm a co-creator of the web series: Book Club: a Web Series for Bibliophiles. My best friend and I are in the entertainment industry and also love books so much! We decided to combine our two passions! We've shot the pilot and written the entire first season.

I'm writing you today to share with you an online campaign we've created to raise funding and awareness for our series so we can shoot the remaining episodes.

Please understand, I'm not asking for money (clearly, we've never met!:)

However, if you check out our pilot/campaign and you like it, feel free to pass it along to your friends, colleagues, family etc...
And, if you happen to throw us 10 dollars, we wouldn't say no to that, either:)
Thank you for your time!

Best of luck with your Book Club!!!

-Noah Longo
I was intrigued enough to visit the campaign page where I found:
Our Story

Once upon a time, an evil casting director* told the fair maiden, Jessica Runck that actors shouldn't waste their time reading books but instead only watch TV. Determined to prove that books AND TV can share a place in your heart, she and her trusty steed (read: best friend) Noah Longo set out across the land to find help. Poof! In came Fairy Godmother, Katey Wheelhouse, and the trio created the web series Book Club. Through the help of talented and generous friends, the pilot of Book Club was shot and placed online to critical acclaim.

Sadly, we have run out of gold and are yearning for our knight in shining armor (read: LOTS of donors) to arrive so we can shoot the rest of the first season. Please help us write the ending.

*Authors Note: We LOVE casting directors.

The Impact

Book Club's goal is to take literature and make it accessible to everyone in a funny, engaging, and quirky way. From a production standpoint, we strive to create quality scripted content for the internet. We live in an age where anyone can pick up a camera phone, make a video, and call it a web series. We want to raise the bar.

In an ideal world, we want to see Book Club yield enough revenue to keep the series going through multiple seasons. More importantly, it is also our goal to use some of the profits gained from the series to donate to charities that promote literacy.

Whatever we earn, whether it's $100 or $100,000 it will be more than what we started with. All earnings will go towards creating more Book Club.

What We Need & What You Get

We need at least $25,000 to help us shoot more of the first season of Book Club. This money goes towards cameras, lights, food, location rental, insurance, cast and crew, and everything else that goes into making a quality web series. We know that sounds like a lot for six minute episodes, but because we are proud to be a SAG New Media project we have to follow certain union guidelines that can cost more money. We would be happy to show you the budget spreadsheet if you're interested. :)

Other Ways You Can Help

We understand that not everyone is in a place to donate money. With that said, simply by sharing our campaign with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, text, or the good old fashioned letter-in-a-bottle, brings us one step closer to reaching our goal.
I visited Bookclub's website, and watched the video linked above.  It's funny, well-acted, and with surprising excellent production values.  There are even a couple of familiar faces among the cast.  Well, after all those years of working with struggling actors, how could I resist lending a hand?  DO check out Bookclub, and if you've got a tenner to spare, you might consider throwing it their way.  I, for one, would love to see more episodes.  Book clubs, the satire writes itself...

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