Wednesday, March 16, 2011

HUMPDAY GIVEAWAY: Sometimes I Feel Like a Nut by Jill Kargman

So, I seriously considered reading Sometimes I Feel Like a Nut, if only because it was so short and digestible, and the publisher did send it to me for that purpose.  Plus, it seems to be getting very positive reviews.  But who am I kidding?  I just don't have the time right now.  So, I'm offering this lovely little hardback to a commenter below. 

Here's the book's description: 
Demonstrating Woody Allen's magical math equation, comedy = tragedy + time, a sensational collection of witty essays about life, love, hate, kids, work, school, and more from the author of The Ex-Mrs. Hedgefund and Arm Candy.
Jill Kargman is a mother, wife, and writer living the life in New York City . . . a life that includes camping out in a one-bedroom apartment with some unfortunate (and furry) roommates, battling the Momzillas of Manhattan, and coming to terms with her desire for gay men. In this entertaining collection of observations, Kargman offers her unique, wickedly funny perspective as she zips around Manhattan with three kids in tow.

Kargman tackles issues big and small with sharp wit and laugh-out-loud humor: her love of the smell of gasoline, her new names for nail polishes, her adventures in New York City real estate, and her fear of mimes, clowns, and other haunting things. Whether it's surviving a family road trip or why she can't stand Cirque du So Lame, living with a mommy vagina the size of the Holland Tunnel or surviving the hell that was her first job out of college, Kargman's nutty self triumphs, thanks to a wonderfully wise outlook and sense of fun that makes the best of everything that gets thrown her way. And if that's not enough, Kargman illustrates her reflections with doodles that capture her refreshing voice.
You know the rules by now, right?  This contest is open to anyone with a U.S. mailing address.  Please leave a comment by 10:00 AM PDT on Wednesday, March 23rd.  With the help of a random number generator, one name will be selected.  That person has one week to get me a mailing address, after which I'll draw an alternate winner, who also has a week to get me a mailing address.  After that, the book defaults to my book club. 


  1. Hi, Susan. Now, I thought that books received from's grapevine remain the property of, right? So, this book was probably sent by another publisher.

    I envy people who can write well. Maybe, I should start by writing short book reviews. As an exercise...

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Francoise,

    Thanks for commenting, and you are correct. I don't give away the books supplied to me through the Amazon Vine program. This book was sent to me by the fine folks at Harper Collins.

    Francoise, was your comment inteded as an entry to win the book, or was it simply a query? This one doesn't seem to be drawing a big crowd.

    Oh, and I do encourage you to start writing reviews, even if only as an exercise. It's made me a much more attentive and critical reader.



  3. I happened across your post/review, so I figured what the heck. Enter me into the drawing. :)


  4. Susan, this sounds funny; please enter me in the drawing.

    Thanks! Care

  5. This could be interesting. I shall enter the drawing as well!

  6. Okay, the competition was... not so fierce. But we have a winner! And it's Care! Congrats, Care. I already have your address, it's sitting on the package that I sadly have not yet mailed. (Sorry, I was felled by some fairly serious asthma complications that last couple of weeks.) I will slip this book into the package and get it off ASAP.

    Given the lackluster response to this past week's giveaway, I think I'll take a week off and come back next Wednesday with a hopefully more popular book. :-)