Monday, March 21, 2011

Mailbox Monday: I can't resist a sale edition

Well, you can't say that I didn't warn you that there's be a long list this week!

Field Gray
by Philip Kerr
Release date:  4/14/2011
Source:  paper galley from publisher

Well, easy come, easy go.  This was given away at my San Francisco Book Crossing (SFBX) meeting on the day it arrived.  I've given away other galleys from this series there, and they're gotten a positive response.

The Floor of Heaven: A True Tale of the Last Frontier and the Yukon Gold Rush
by Howard Blum
Release date:  4/26/2011
Source:  paper galley from publisher

This looks very interesting.  I read very little non-fiction, but I'm not ready to give this up yet.  I may have to read it.

The Wilder Life
by Wendy McClure
Release date:  4/14/2011
Source:  paper galley from publisher

More intriguing non-fiction.  This memoir of obsession for the Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House on the Prairie books looks very cute.  I suspect there's someone out there that wants to read this book way more than I do.  Possible future giveaway.

The Kor
by Warren Fahy
Release date:  3/14/2011
Source:  purchased from Amazon via Kindle

I think I've established a willingness to purchase anything this author puts out.  I'm sure I'll sample it sooner or later, though I'm not sure I want to read it.  We'll see.

The Road
by Cormac McCarthy
Release date:  9/26/2006
Source:  purchased via $5 book sale

This is the year I finally gave audio books a serious listen.  I'm not a whole-hearted convert, and I generally have paper copies of the books I listen to.  I frequently read along, or switch back and forth.  Still, some books work really well in audio, and it allows me to maximize my reading time, i.e. while browsing in the mall, stitching embroidery, etc.  I love my monthly subscription, and I have an absolute weakness for their frequent sales!  Grabbing up a pile of $5 audio books is like the old days of binging on remaindered hardbacks.  I miss those days.  I spend so little on books these days that I have no problem with an occasional splurge like this.  And, as the last literate person in America not to read this Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, and given the fact that it's less than seven hours long unabridged, picking it up is a no-brainer.

How to Talk to a Widower
by Jonathan Tropper
Release date:  7/17/2007
Source:  purchased via $5 book sale

You may recall that I finally read my first Tropper novel, This is Where I Leave You and loved it.  I'm more than happy to give another one a try.

Grave Peril (Dresden Files #3)
by Jim Butcher
Release date:  4/1/2000
Source:  purchased via $5 book sale

Well, obviously I've been aware of this bestselling series for years.  I never so much as looked at one of the books until the first book in the series was offered during the last Audible sale.  I listed to 15 minutes of that book this morning, and based on that I've decided to pick up #3 for light "reading" later. 

A Little Bit Wicked: Life, Love, and Faith in Stages
by Kristin Chenoweth
Release date:  4/14/2009
Source:  purchased via $5 book sale

I'm so not proud of this.  I've resisted picking up this book for two years now.  I resisted it during previous Audible sales.  I am actively disinterested in Chenoweth's faith, and passively disinterested in her love life...  But I love the theater.  And that part--which is presumably the largest part--might be pretty darn interesting.  Don't judge me.

A Prayer for Owen Meany
by John Irving
Release date:  3/28/1989
Source:  purchased via $5 book sale

THIS IS MY FAVORITE BOOK OF ALL TIME.  A statement so bold it needs a font to show it.  I've read this masterpiece twice, but the second time couldn't hold a candle to the joy of reading it for the first time.  I've had this audio book on my Audible wish list since I first subscribed.  I wonder if I can recapture some of the magic by experiencing it in a new medium?  This was the ultimate no-brainer.  Oh, and this sale continues until March 22nd, so there are likely to be a few more $5 audio books next week.

The Name of the Wind (Kingkiller Chronicles Book #1)
by Patrick Rothfuss
Release date:  3/27/2007
Source:  purchased with credit

With the recent high-profile release of the second book in this series, I've heard too many good things from too many respected people not to be curious about these books.

by S.J. Parris
Release date:  5/3/2011
Source: paper galley from publisher

This is a great-looking cover.  This appears to be the sequel of a well-received historical thriller called Heresy.  Anyone read it?  Looks interesting.  I've never read Parris.

Sleight of Hand
by Peter Beagle
Release date:  3/1/2011
Source:  paper galley from publisher

Hold on to your hats, but I have never read any Beagle.  I know, I know.  This collection of stories looks really delightful, and I'm looking forward to diving in.  I'll probably read one story at a time between novels.  BTW, another great cover!

Books finished this week: 

The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown - A review will be posted this week.

Currently reading: 

The Tiger's Wife by Tea Obreht (paper galley) - I'm almost done and loving this novel!

Storm Front (Dresden Files #1) by Jim Butcher (audio book) - Yeah, I got sucked in.  It's easy, entertaining, and much better than current bestseller A Discovery of Witches.

So, what books have you acquired this week?  What books have you been reading?  Please feel free to share in the comments.


  1. I've recently been engrossed in the Song of Fire and Ice series (Game of Thrones), but I've been cautious with it since I'm pretty sure it'll be one of those that never gets finished.

    I've been spattering these books with some Non-fic (which is real weird for me) -- Reality is Broken by Jane McGonigal and The journey from the Center to the Page by Jeff Davis.

  2. omgosh, that is a lot of books and I would be in heaven!!! I love to read.
    I haven't gotten any new books this week but have 3 that I am currently reading.
    Heat Wave by Richard Castle ( couldnt resist), Breathless by Heather Hudak and Alone by Lisa Gardiner. After that I am on to James Patterson and Kim Harrison.

  3. Oh, this IS more fun with feedback.


    I've only read the first book in the Song of Fire and Ice series. I liked it, but a lot of time has passed since then. I'm looking forward to the HBO series to see if it rekindles a desire to read on. Meanwhile, I was intrigued enough to look up your non-fiction titles. (A little light reading there?) The Amazon page for Reality is Broken was really interesting. Thanks for leading me there!


    How are those Castle books? I have to admit that I've been tempted when seeing them for $5 on my Kindle. I love the show!

    Thanks to you both for sharing. :-)

  4. Susan,

    I have to admit that I got turned on to Reality is Broken because Steven Colbert had the author on his show. I'm pretty sure it's the first book I ever bought because I saw it advertised on a show. I'm an avid gamer, so it made me feel good that I'm actually somehow bettering the world by being so.

    Also, the Castle books are fun, especially if you like the show!

  5. The Castle book is good so far, totally reads like the series. Or least that's how I am reading it lol. I think I may have to look into the Song of Fire and Ice Series, glanced at it earlier and it seemed interesting.

    Just picked up Think Twice by Lisa Scottoline, so now 4 books going..
    Just wish there more hours in a day!

  6. I'm reading Fragment, thanks to you, and loving it. I totally see why you were drawn to it and sucked in. Also reading The Sorcerer's House by Gene Wolfe, an epistolary novel. And there's another one on my iPad that I can't remember right now because Fragment displaced it.

  7. April,

    The famous "Colbert Bump!"


    I don't think I've read Scottoline--though I'm not sure about that--but I heard her speak last summer, and she was SO charming and SO quirky that I am determined to do so now. I just loved her as a person! She seemed very genuine and was super friendly when I spoke to her later.


    I'm so glad you're enjoying Fragment! Eventually someone is going to read it and be like, "Susan, what have you been smoking?" But , really, that book is so me.

    I don't know The Sorcerer's House, but I do love epistolary novels...