Thursday, October 27, 2011

LITQUAKE 2011: The Art of the Mystery

Juliet Blackwell
Here is how it was billed:

The Art of the Mystery

October 15, 2011, 1:00 PM
Z Space
450 Florida St.

Litquake launches a new series of panels on the craft of writing, starting with thoughts on writing and suspense from four masters of the mystery. Discussion followed by a lively Q&A session.

Juliet Blackwell, Michelle Gagnon, Seth Harwood, Sophie Littlefield
Michelle Gagnon & Sophie Littlefield

After yesterday's sad story, I thought I'd post something happier--from authors who let me record them!  Unfortunately, I arrived just a couple of minutes late, so that's why the first segment begins already in progress.  And, as usual, I'm contending with the narrow focus range of the FlipCam.  But this video isn't too bad, and the panel is more than interesting enough to overlook the technical flaws.

These authors like me a whole lot better than Jeffrey Eugenides does.  I've known Sophie and Michelle for a few years now, but I only met Juliet on the day of this event--which happened to be her birthday.  So after this lovely discussion, the ladies invited me out for drinks, and I joined the three of them and a couple of other girlfriends for a leisurely afternoon of girl talk, lit gossip, and deep-fried food.  My lips are sealed, other than to say that Juliet has a great story about the legendary Octavio Paz, Sophie likes to stir up trouble whenever possible, and that all the lady authors were amused by the Eugenides tale, which had occurred only the night before.

Seth Harwood
And now for your viewing pleasure, I am delighted to share what turned out to be a fun and lively panel discussion from some excellent mystery/thriller/YA authors.  What I like best is the casual interaction between the panelists because, as they themselves note, every one knows everyone else in this community.  On top of that, each of these panelists is knowledgeable, personable, and a darn good storyteller.  Between them, they have published an incredible spectrum of fiction, and I defy you to listen to them talk about their work and not be tempted to read one or more of them.  (Personally, I'm salivating for Michelle's forthcoming YA trilogy!)  Above, I've added links to each of their websites for your convenience.  Enjoy!


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