Monday, July 18, 2011

Ellen Sussman on French Lessons

So, last week I went out to hear local novelist Ellen Sussman talk about her new novel (and NYT bestseller), French Lessons.  She was speaking at the Booksmith on Haight Street in San Francisco, on July 13th, appropriately enough one day before Bastille Day (which I celebrate with French food). 

The Booksmith is my other favorite bookstore in the city.  The host terrific author events both on- and off-site.  I don't get over there as often as I'd like, but regardless, I'm frequently greeted by a warm "Susan!" as I come in the door by staff.  I feel like Norm at Cheers.  And I rarely get out of the place without making a friend.  It's amazing, you just start talking with strangers while perusing the shelves, or standing in line to get a book signed, and suddenly you have a friend for life.  That is the sign of an awesome book store!

Unfortunately, it's a schlep from my office, and I arrived a few minutes into Ms. Sussman's opening remarks.  I started filming as she began reading from the book.  The video is slightly out of focus, as Flip Cams have no focus control, but it's not too bad, and the shakiness stops a few seconds in, once I get the camera propped on my knee.  The first two clips are her reading from the novel, followed by several clips of her Q & A session afterwards.  I hope you enjoy watching.

Oh, and if you're now intrigued by this book, today is your lucky day!  I have a signed galley of French Lessons being given away on this very blog this very week!  I heartily encourage you to enter!

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