Monday, November 21, 2011


I have a cold, and no two ways about it--I feel like death on a trisket.  I'd like to be at home in bed, but it's Monday morning and I'm at the office.  But there's one piece of news that's brightening my otherwise dreary day.  Today, for the first time ever, I am ranked at #100 among's nearly 9 million reviewers.  Beneath my name, there is a little badge that says "Top 100 Reviewer."

It's a stupid thing.  When I wrote my first review about five and a half years ago, I'm sure I didn't even realize that Amazon reviewers were ranked.  But as you start moving up in the rankings, it's hard not to notice or care at least a little.  Getting to #100 has been a goal for a while.  It was hard work.  I'll probably slip back out of the top 100 by tomorrow, but then I'll get back in.  I don't know how hard I'll try to stay in the top 100.  But for today I'm in and I feel proud.

Thanks for every "helpful" vote that helped me on my way!


  1. Ok, boo for the cold by congrats for the ranking! My husband was sick over the weekend and I'm hoping (crossing fingers and mainlining emergen-c) that I don't come down with it myself. I figure it'll be this week for sure. Either on my days off (so I can't enjoy them) or by tomorrow so that I have to muddle through two days of work. Bleh. I hate cold season! Lots of good books to keep me company, though, including the new Stephen King you gave such a great review to :)

  2. Yay, you! I knew you'd make it someday. And I'm sure you'll have no trouble staying there. As for the cold, better to have it now and maybe be pretty much over it by Thanksgiving. See you next week!