Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to take this time to wish you all very happy holidays and a wonderful new year!

This is the first year I've ever blogged, and it's been a greater pleasure than I ever expected. I'm amazed and gratified to be read by friends and strangers alike, and I'm thrilled each and every time I hear from one of you. Thank you for stopping by this year. And here's to excellent reading in 2010!




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  2. Hey ladies,

    I will not be stitching with you guys tonight, but since you all have been following the drama of my life for the past few weeks, I'll give you the latest updates:

    * I had ANOTHER iPhone stolen last Thursday night--literally ripped right out of my hand by a very young, VERY fast sprinting girl as I waited for the bus. There was no hope of cat hng her. It all happened so fast that the ear buds stayed in my ears. As awful as that is--and I was furious, I can tell you--the miracle is that she got my "decoy" phone. It's this ancient iPhone 3 that I sometimes use like an iPod for audiobooks and music. A completely worthless piece of crap to anyone but me. Thankfully, she did not get the new, nearly $500 replacement phone! I am completely disgusted with San Francisco. Suffice it to say, I literally did not leave my house the next day before insuring my real iPhone at considerable expense. What is this world coming to?

    * I can't remember how much I've updated you guys on, but I did have a phone interview with two Goodreads staffers last Tuesday. I won't say it was a slam dunk, but it seemed to go pretty well. My only concern is that the hiring manager thinks I'm over-qualified, which clearly I am not. I'm exactly the right amount qualified. I asked about what comes next, and was told that they'll probably start setting up face to face interviews sometime this week, for meetings next week. So, we'll see if I hear anything. Obviously, there are no guarantees, but my fingers are still crossed. And, the interviewing schedule as stated did allow me the freedom to...

    * Hop on a plane to New York tonight for BEA (BookExpo America). It seemed like good karma to be my normal, super-bookish self as I go through this interview process, and who knows, perhaps I'll bump into the founders of Goodreads on the tradeshow floor? For those who don't know, BEA is the largest publishing trade event in the US. I attend most years. So, I'll be in NY from tomorrow until Monday. And, literally, flying by the seat of my pants, I only bought a one-way ticket east. I'm waiting to see what will happen. But next Tuesday, you'll get one of two updates:

    ---I got a second interview; or

    ---I'm stitching with you guys tonight.

    Never a dull moment, right?

    I hope all is well with you guys back home. Things sound much better (for all of us) than they did a few weeks ago!