Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I reached a milestone this week.

I wrote my first book review less than three years ago. At the time, I was ranked somewhere in the 2,000,000 range among reviewers. Since that first review, I've taken a little more pride in the reviews I write, and I've improved some. I started to move up in the rankings at Amazon. And I started to enjoy writing them.

This week I finally broke into the top 1,000 reviewers on It doesn't mean anything. Now I have another little "badge" next to my name. But it was a goal, and I made it. I'm happy.

Thanks to everyone who checked off "helpful" when I requested it! :-)

1 comment:

  1. Congratulation Susan!!!.. so whats the next step breaking in the top 100 :)

    Count my support in for all your future reviews.