Sunday, January 3, 2010

A rushed ending detracts only slightly from the fun found getting there

by Dean Koontz

Out walking his dog one day, Colorado recluse Grady Adams sees a pair of animals that are unlike anything he's ever seen anywhere before. Meanwhile, elsewhere in rural Colorado, veterinarian Cammy Rivers has noted some strange behavior in the animals she's treating. In other narrative threads we are introduced to a chaos theorist with a Robin Hood complex and a "monster in the making." There's a lot going on, and not just in Colorado. Things are going down in California, Washington, and Nevada. The questions are: How do all these disparate stories come together? And, what is the deal with these super-adorable mystery mammals? Good questions all.

Koontz has been doing his thing for decades now. And yet, his prose is still notably not good. That said, this novel was a bit less self-indulgent than much of what we've seen in recent years. I wasn't completely taken with how he brought everything together in the end, but getting there was awfully entertaining.

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  1. I tried to read this, I really did. But the "monster in the making" as you referred to him did me in. I have read several Koontz's in the past and enjoyed them, but this one I couldn't finish. I just didn't want to know what that madman was gonna do. There are too many GOOD and GREAT writers out there for me to waste anymore of my time on DK.