Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jennifer Weiner says everything is going to be alright

So, I'm going through a bad time right now. Yesterday was horrific. But Atria was kind enough to send me a nice, shiny hardcover of Jennifer Weiner's new novel, Best Friends Forever, and I'd planned to go to her signing last night. It was just a few blocks from my office, after all.

I basically dragged myself to the book store. My mind was on other things. But there was Jennifer Weiner, resplendent in her tiara. (Yes, she wears a tiara to signings, what of it.) And she's so funny, and so charming, and I think every woman there wanted to be her BFF.

In no time at all I was laughing, and for an hour or two I had a brief respite from my worries. I had a couple of books for her to sign, and while she was doing so I told her, "Today was the worst day ever. Worst. Day. Ever. But you made it end just a little bit better." She was very sweet. She insisted so sincerely, "It'll be better tomorrow."

I think I need to read her novel this weekend. It's not on the reviewing schedule, but if she made me feel that much better, I imagine ten hours of her work will do wonders. Every person who's blue should be given a Jennifer Weiner novel--if they can't get Jennifer herself.

P.S.: Maybe Jennifer's right. Galleys for the new Margret Atwood, Lorrie Moore, and Karin Slaughter novels just arrived in the mail! :-)

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  1. Any chance any of these Jennifer Weiner books are coming my way? Now that Joshua is over 1 year, I'm giving serious thought to reading something other than a pregnancy or baby book - imagine! And you know how I love Jennifer Weiner . . . :)

    ps. Sorry to hear that you're having such a rough time right now.