Friday, April 10, 2009

Why Julia Glass rocks!

So, you may have noticed a lengthy gap of time between posts. This whole blog thing is new to me, and I'll have to get used to contributing to it regularly. I just wanted a place to keep all my book reviews, and maybe muse on bookish things occasionally.

I finished uploading all my past reviews on March 16th, and I've basically been sick since then. Don't ask. But an email I got on March 18th made me feel pretty darn good. Here's an excerpt from an email I received out of the blue from National Book Award-winning novelist Julia Glass:

Hi, Susan:

I don't have time to look at book blogs--though it's recently become clear to me that many of them, like yours, are much more intelligent and impartial than print reviews in magazines and newspapers. So I saw your review of my book I See You Everywhere only because a friend forwarded the link to your site. It made my day, not just because you liked and were moved by the book but because you read it and assessed it in the way that all authors need to be reminded their books are read and judged by smart readers everywhere--that is, honestly and personally, without the hidden motives harbored by critics.

So thank you. I am grateful for readers like you. When I find the time, I plan to look at your other "reviews." The taglines alone look intriguing.

Very best,

Julie Glass

OMG! The whole email was actually even longer than that, and was unbelievable kind and gracious. I still can't believe she took the time to write me! We had a brief, pleasant correspondence, and I get to call her "Julie" now. :-)

It just goes to show you--you never know who will see what you throw out there on the net. I have zero subscribers at this time, but someone, somewhere saw what I wrote.

Julie Glass, you totally rock!

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