Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What DID Susan read in 2013?

I promised to post the complete list of books I read this year.  Here, without further ado, it is.  Oh, and for those who assume I'm some kind of speed reader--I'm really not.  While I read faster than average, mostly, I just spend a lot of time reading.  As many books as I read, I still wish there were time for more!

Lit List 2013:

1.      The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells—Andrew Sean Greer ★★★★★

2.      Frances and Bernard—Carlene Bauer★★★★★

3.      Vampires in the Lemon Grove—Karen Russell★★★★★

4.      Frozen Solid—James Tabor★★★★

5.      Delirium—Lauren Oliver★★★

6.      Sailor Twain: Or, The Mermaid in the Hudson—Mark Siegel★★★★

7.      The Fifth Assassin—Brad Meltzer★★★★

8.      14—Peter Clines★★★★★

9.      Buzz Books 2013

10.  Jujitsu Rabbi and the Godless Blonde— Rebecca Dana★★★

11.  The Devotion of Suspect X—Keigo Higashino★★★★★

12.  Garden of Stones—Sophie Littlefield★★★★

13.  Truth in Advertising—John Kenney★★★★

14.  The Cloud—Matt Richtel★★★★★

15.  We Live in Water—Jess Walter★★★★★

16.  The Sliver Star—Jeannette Walls★★★

17.  Big Girl Panties—Stephanie Evanovich★★★★

18.  Weird Life: The Search for Life that is Very, Very Different than Our Own—David Toomey★★★★★

19.  The Demonologist—Andrew Pyper★★★★

20.  Ghostman—Roger Hodgeson★★★★★

21.  Between Man and Beast: An Unlikely Explorer, The Evolution Debates, and the African Adventure that Took the Victorian World by Storm—Monte Reel★★★★★

22.  Double Feature—Owen King★★★★

23.  The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards—Kristopher Jansma ★★★★★

24.  Life After Life—Kate Atkinson★★★★

25.  Lexicon—Max Barry★★★★★

26.  Indiscretion—Charles Dubow★★★★

27.  Someday, Someday Maybe—Lauren Graham★★★★★

28.  The Mermaid of Brooklyn—Amy Shearn★★★★★

29.  The House at the End of Hope Street—Menna van Praag★★

30.  Code White—Scott Britz-Cunningham★★★★

31.  The Hit—David Baldacci★★★★

32.  The Golem and the Jinni—Helene Wecker ★★★★★

33.  Strangelets—Michelle Gagnon★★★★

34.  Maya’s Notebook—Isabel Allende★★★★

35.  Soon I Will Be Invincible—Austin Grossman★★★★★

36.  You—Austin Grossman★★★

37.  The Rosie Project—Graeme Simsion★★★★

38.  Bad Monkey—Carl Hiaasen★★★★

39.  The Loch Ness Legacy—Boyd Morrison★★★★★

40.  Radium Baby—St. John Karp★★★★

41.  Insane City—Dave Barry★★★★

42.  Tenth of December—George Saunders ★★★★★

43.  Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles—Ron Currie★★★

44.  Labyrinth—Mark Sullivan★★

45.  Love in the Afternoon—Alison Packard★★

46.  The Princess Bride—William Goldman★★★★★

47.  Big Fish—Daniel Wallace★★★★★

48.  The Perks of Being a Wallflower—Stephen Chbosky★★★

49.  Nemesis—Philip Roth★★★★★

50.  The Tin Horse—Janice Steinberg★★★

51.  Suddenly a Knock at the Door—Edgar Keret★★★★★

52.  The Rock Star in Seat 3A—Jill Kargman★★★★

53.  A Hole in Texas—Herman Wouk★★★★★

54.  The Fun Parts—Sam Lipsyte★★★

55.  Pandemonium—Warren Fahy★★★★★

56.  What the Family Needed—Steven Amsterdam★★★

57.  Island 731—Jeremy Robinson★★★★

58.  The Last Policeman—Ben H. Winters★★★★★

59.  Prophet of Bones—Ted Kosmatka★★★★

60.  Syrup—Max Barry★★★★

61.  NOS4A2—Joe Hill★★★★

62.  The Interestings—Meg Wolitzer ★★★★★

63.  The Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared—Jonas Jonasson★★★

64.  Woke Up Lonely—Fiona Maazel★★★

65.  Marathon Man—William Goldman★★★★

66.  The Kings and Queens of Roam—Daniel Wallace★★★★

67.  The Great Gatsby—F. Scott Fitzgerald★★★★★

68.  Gorgeous—Paul Rudnick★★★★

69.  Murder as a Fine Art—David Morrell★★★★

70.  Scatter, Adapt, and Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction—Annalee Newitz★★★★

71.  Eye of God—James Rollins★★★★★

72.  The Order of Odd-Fish—James Kennedy★★★★★

73.  Inferno—Dan Brown★★★

74.  Borrower of the Night—Elizabeth Peters★★★

75.  Oryx & Crake—Margaret Atwood★★★★★

76.  The Year of the Flood—Margaret Atwood★★★★★

77.  MaddAddam—Margaret Atwood ★★★★★

78.  Chose the Wrong Guy, Gave Him the Wrong Finger—Beth Harbison★★★

79.  The Book of Secrets—Elizabeth Arnold★★★

80.  The Last Dragonslayer—Jasper Fforde★★★★★

81.  The Song of the Quarkbeast—Jasper Fforde★★★★★

82.  Stay Up With Me—Tom Barbash★★★★★

83.  Japantown—Barry Lancet★★★★

84.  Suspect—Robert Crais★★★★

85.  Equal Rites—Terry Pratchett★★★

86.  Fiction River Anthology: Time Streams★★★

87.  Doctor Sleep—Stephen King★★★★

88.  The Return—Michael Gruber★★★★

89.  The Eyre Affair—Jasper Fforde★★★★★

90.  Fool—Christopher Moore★★★★★

91.  The Serpent of Venice—Christopher Moore ★★★★★

92.  Lightning—Dean Koontz★★★★

93.  Terminal Freeze—Lincoln Child★★★

94.  The Sensory Deception—Ransom Stephens★★★★

95.  Redshirts—John Scalzi★★★★★

96.  The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie—Alan Bradley★★★★

97.  The Knife of Never Letting Go—Patrick Ness★★★★★

98.  The New Yorkers—Cathleen Schine★★★★★

99.  Grave Peril—Jim Butcher★★★

100.  The Lincoln Lawyer—Michael Connelly★★★★

101.  The Accidental Time Machine—Joe Haldeman★★★

102.  The Roots of the Olive Tree—Courtney Miller Santos★★

103.  Subterranean—James Rollins★★★★★

104.  Relic—Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child★★★★★

105.  The Last Girlfriend on Earth—Simon Rich★★★★★

106.  Six Years—Harlan Coben★★★★★

107.  Code Name Verity—Elizabeth Wein★★★★

108.  The Truth—Michael Palin★★★★

109.  The Long War—Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter★★

110.  Countdown City—Ben H. Winters★★★★★

111.  Pines—Blake Crouch★★★★★

112.  Big Egos—S.G. Browne★★★★

113.  Amy Falls Down—Jincy Willett★★★★

114.  Interrupt—Jeff Carlson★★

115.  Full Ratchett—Mike Cooper★★★★

116.  World War Z—Max Brooks★★★★★

117.  Under the Dome—Stephen King★★★★★

118.  Joyland—Stephen King★★★★★

119.  The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls—Anton DiSclafani★★★★

120.  A Hundred Summers—Beatriz Williams★★★★

121.  Blind Goddess—Anne Holt★★★★

122.  Insurgent—Veronica Roth★★★★★

123.  Crimson—Cosmo Fischer (AKA Warren Fahy) ★★★

124.  The Humans—Matt Haig★★★

125.  Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead—Sheryl Sandburg★★★★★

126.  & Sons—David Gilbert ★★★★★

127.  Covet—Tracey Garvis Graves★★★★

128.  Dissident Gardens—Jonathan Lethem★★★

129.  Songs of Willow Frost—Jamie Ford★★★★

130.  Enon—Paul Harding★★★★

131.  Night Film—Marisha Pessl★★★★★

132.  A Guide for the Perplexed—Dara Horn★★★★

133.  The Crane Wife—Patrick Ness★★★★★

134.  Never Go Back—Lee Child★★★★

135.  The Bookstore—Deborah Meyler★★★★

136.  Dangerous Curves Ahead—Sugar Jamison★★

137.  The Returned—Jason Mott★★★★★

138.  The Song of Spider-Man—Glen Berger★★★★★

139.  A Bad Day for Romance—Sophie Littlefield★★★★★

140.  The Cure—Douglas Richards★★

141.  Don’t Look Now—Michelle Gagnon★★★★

142.  Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock—Matthew Quick★★★★

143.  Cain’s Blood—Geoffrey Girard★★★★★

144.  The Bone Season—Samantha Shannon – Could not finish

145.  Wayward—Blake Crouch★★★★★

146.  Strong Rain Falling—Jon Land★★★

147.  The People in the Trees—Hanya Yanagihara★★★★★

148.  Bait—J. Kent Messum★★★★

149.  Sea Creatures—Susannah Daniels★★★★★

150.  The Execution of Noa P. Singleton—Elizabeth L. Silver★★★★

151.  Starglass—Phoebe North★★★★

152.  Speak of the Devil—Allison Leotta★★★★★

153.  Chimera—David Wellington★★★★

154.  Help for the Haunted—John Searles★★★★★

155.  The Curiosity—Stephan Kiernan★★★

156.  Parasite—Mira Grant★★★★

157.  Sisterland—Curtis Sittenfield★★★★

158.  The Universe Versus Alex Woods—Gavin Extence★★★

159.  Death of the Demon—Anne Holt★★★★

160.  Killer Ambition—Marcia Clark★★★★★

161.  The Tower—Simon Toyne★★★★

162.  Paranoia—Joseph Finder★★★★★

163.  Bellman & Black—Diane Setterfield★★★

164.  The October List—Jeffrey Deaver★★★★

165.  The Ocean at the End of the Lane—Neil Gaiman★★★★★

166.  Fortunately, the Milk—Neil Gaiman★★★★★

167.  The Signature of All Things—Elizabeth Gilbert★★★★★

168.  The Days of Anna Madrigal—Armisted Maupin★★★★★

169.  Below—Ryan Lockwood★★★★

170.  The Circle—Dave Eggers ★★★★★

171.  The President’s Hat—Antoine Laurain★★★★

172.  We Need New Names—NoViolet Bulawayo★★★★★

173.  The Testament of Mary—Colm Toibin★★★★

174.  The Lowland—Jhumpa Lahiri★★★★

175.  Harvest—Jim Crace★★★★

176.  A Tale for the Time Being—Ruth Ozeki★★★★★

177.  Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy—Helen Fielding★★★★

178.  We Are Water—Wally Lamb★★★★

179.  The Goldfinch—Donna Tartt★★★★★

180.  Allegiant—Veronica Roth★★★

181.  Sycamore Row—John Grisham★★★★★

182.  Life at the Speed of Light: From the Double Helix to the Dawn of Digital Life—J. Craig Venter★★★★

183.  The Fault in Our Stars—John Green★★★★★

184.  White Fire—Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child★★★★

185.  The Abominable—Dan Simmons★★★★

186.  Runner—Patrick Lee★★★★

187.  Lighthouse Island—Paulette Jiles★★★★

188.  This is the Story of a Happy Marriage—Ann Patchett★★★★★

189.  The Game—Anders de la Motte★★★★

190.    The Cuckoo’s Calling—Robert Galbraith (AKA J.K. Rowling) ★★★★★

191.  And the Mountains Echoed—Khaled Hosseini★★★

192.  Get the Guy: Learn Secrets of the Male Mind to Find the Man You Want and the Love You Deserve—Matthew Hussey★★★★

193.  Schroder—Amity Gaige★★★★★

194.  Fluke, Or I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings—Christopher Moore★★★★★

195.  Someone Else’s Love Story—Joshilyn Jackson★★★★

196.  The Adversary—Reece Hirsch            ★★★★★

197.  The Luminaries--Eleanor  Catton★★★★

198.  Dark Rising: Alex Hunter, Book 2--Greig Beck★★★

199.  Shadows of the Midnight Sun—Graham Brown★★★

200.  Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal--Mary Roach★★★★
201. The Colony--F.G. Cottam★★★★

202.  Agent to the Stars--John Scalzi★★★★

203.  The Reason I Jump: The Inner Voice of a Thirteen-Year-Old Boy with Autism--Naoki Higashida & David Mitchell★★★

204.   Burial Rites--Hannah Kent★★★★

205.  Mount Dragon--Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child★★★★

206.  Binary--John Lange (AKA Michael Crichton) ★★★★

207.  The Second Opinion--Michael Palmer★★★★

208.  Flamethrowers--Rachel Kushner★★★★

209.  Stardust--Neil Gaiman★★★★★

210.  Innocence--Dean Koontz★★★

211.  Out of Her Depth--Brenda Hiatt★★★

212.  The First Bird--Greig Beck★★★★

213.  Americanah--Chimamanda Adichie★★★★

214.  Breakthrough--Michael C. Grumley ★★★

215. Making Toast--Roger Rosenblatt★★★★

216.  Last Car Over the Sagamore Bridge--Peter Orner★★★★

217.  Submergence--J. M. Ledgard★★★★★

218.  Five Days at Memorial: Life and Death at a Storm-Ravaged Hospital--Sheri Fink★★★★★

219.  Eleanor and Park--Rainbow Rowell★★★★★

220.  The Son--Philip Meyer ★★★★★

221.  Brainrush--Richard Bard ★★★

222.  A Constellation of Vital Phenomena--Anthony Marra ★★★★★

223.  The Man in the Window--Jon Cohen★★★★

224.  Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief--Lawrence Wright★★★★

225.  The Shining Girls--Lauren Beukes★★★★




  1. I'll have to read this list in increments. I'm overwhelmed. I maybe read 40 books this year. I'm only sure I read 20-some because I started recording them in Goodreads in June. Sad. At least I started.

  2. Oh wow! Thanks for this list - it makes it easy to prioritize reviews.

    (PS The system kept saying my URL had a problem, but I've used it for years: http://cindamackinnon.wordpress.com )

  3. Eine Reise lohnt sich immer.